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Posted: Jonathan Zap ~ Time Monk Radio Presents ~ April 6th, 2012

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    Jonathan Zap
    April 6th, 2012
    8pm EDT/12am UTC
    Crossing the Event Horizon provides evidence that we are, both​
    individually and collectively, hurtling toward an evolutionary event​
    horizon. Using the tools of Jungian psychology, the nature of the​
    singularity is defined by its myriad manifestations emerging from the​
    collective unconscious. These include dreams, motifs and themes found in​
    art, science fiction and fantasy literature and films, religious cults,​
    and the paranormal, especially near-death experiences and UFO​
    encounters. Key aspects of the Singularity Archetype include: “Logos​
    Beheld” (visually comprehended linguistic intent often associated with a​
    collective telepathic network), Homo gestalt (a new species where​
    individuality is conserved but also telepathically networked), and a​
    parallelism between the individual event horizon of death and eschaton​
    (the collective event horizon of the species). Apocalypticism is​
    analyzed as an example of the Singularity Archetype pathologizing. A​
    study of the Heaven’s Gate saucer/suicide cult illustrates what can​
    happen when people become possessed by the Singularity Archetype and are​
    driven by it into delusory projections. The Singularity Archetype is​
    viewed apocalyptically by the ego, and as a transcendent evolutionary​
    event by the Self, and the duality of these views is explored in many​
    examples. The evolutionary origins of the ego and its metamorphosis as​
    it approaches the event horizon are explored. Evolutionary theory, which​
    relates to the Singularity Archetype through a number of dynamic​
    paradoxes, is discussed. Many popular books and movies are analyzed as​
    permutations of the Singularity Archetype, including: Avatar, Childhood’s End,​
    Village of the Damned, Powder, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.​
    TMRN Interviews Present:
    Jonathan Zap
    The Mighty Time Monk Radio Arts Players
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    ChipperDogg, Disastercat, Greenmeadow, MamaBear and Uranus Rising
    Kevin MacLeod
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  2. Uranus Rising
    • Production Team

    Uranus Rising Crone

    Here, for the moment
    imho, one of the most important interviews TMRN has done

    jonathan is well grounded in jungian psychology (which gives space for both personal & collective/transpersonal psychology)
    quite an amazing depth of knowledge on a vast array of subjects

    from analysing the 'doom' feelings/meme
    to evolution of consciousness,
    to psychopathology
    to our personal responsibility to integrate our own shadows,
    to those who are 'possessed' by an archetype, especially in context of gurus
    to our desire for a 'glorified body'

    and much much more


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