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Suzanne Toro

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Suzanne Toro
    suzanne toro 236px.jpg
    We are proud to announce that 'She' will be joining Time Monk Radio​
    'She' has been gracious enough to create content for TMRN​
    Suzanne is committed to modeling nature in all that 'She'​
    does as such, 'She' will continue in her other endeavors.​
    We are very humbled that she has agreed to create for us.​
    *"Suzanne Toro is a dynamic mother of two who studied with Deepak Chopra,​
    and has worked extensively in the areas of meditation, yoga and wellness​
    (she is a certified Primordial Meditation Instructor). She was a​
    successful entertainment executive, serving as the Creative Visionary &​
    Strategist for media production for of the Black Eyed Peas,​
    one of the most successful bands in the music industry today. Toro has​
    suffered many hardships -- sexual abuse, losing a child and family, dealing​
    with a loved one's serious illness -- however she's used each experience as​
    an opportunity to learn more about herself and earn a real life PhD in​
    personal growth. With a young family, Toro needed to find a practical,​
    realistic way to begin her own healing and liberation process. By employing​
    simple tools in her everyday life, she was able to connect with her inner​
    self and release the pain that led her back to her true self. She is​
    committed to embodying authenticity and practicing what she preaches by​
    reaching out to local, national and global communities to share her vision.​
    Bare Naked Bliss provides simple tools anyone can use to cope with stress​
    and pain, break down mental barriers, find deeper connections and discover​
    their inner joyful, authentic self. The teachings of the book are extended​
    through inspiring poetry, guided meditations and music created by Toro with​, singer/songwriter Anne Heaton, and other professional musicians.​
    Toro has also developed "Bare Naked Dinners:" interactive dining​
    experiences allowing participants to explore their inner truths through​
    open communication and laughter shared while enjoying gourmet natural​
    cuisine. In addition, she is currently serving as a liaison ("spirit​
    bridge") between the mind-body natural approach to healing and traditional​
    medicine. Working with doctors like Deepak Chopra, David Simon, the​
    Simonton Cancer Center and others, she's become an authentic voice of their​
    work, communicating their messages with grace and providing practical ways​
    to integrate them into everyday life, together with her own meditation and​
    wellness work. What if there was a way to let goof stress and suffering​
    that was available to all and easily incorporated into daily life?​
    Instead ofspending thousands on therapy and psychotropic drugs, having to​
    compromise one's religious beliefs or traveling around the world to find​
    the secret to enlightenment, we just need to discover our own Bare Naked​
    Since 2005, Suzanne has embraced and engaged with her shamanic work with​
    indigenous tribes from different parts of the world. Which has lead her to​
    a mystical journey with elders from Hopi, Tibet, Philippines, Peru,​
    Guatemala, 1st Nations, Hawaii, Nepal and Star Nations. Her purpose during​
    this journey has been to listen, learn, share, ask questions, record and​
    study. While, bringing love and compassion to many parts of the world and​
    ultimately acting as a bridge between nations, worlds and dimensions. In​
    2012, she is committed to sharing her stories to assist in reminding all of​
    'us' how we are connected to the fabric of our world system, each other and​
    the possibilities that exist in the heart of the universe.*​
    Bare Naked Bliss​
    Meditations-Audio Book​
    BareNakeBliss e-book​
    Loving FromWithin​
    Bare Naked Experience​

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