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Posted: Paul Levy ~ Time Monk Radio Presents ~ June 1st, 2012

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, May 8, 2012.

  1. Foxx
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    The Etheric
    Your welcome Palooka. I hope I did that right.

    You are correct in your assumption that you cannot edit unless you are logged in. However, being that you made that post as a guest, it is unable to be edited by anyone other than staff.

    Cheers, thanks for your questions.
    Should be another great interview.

  2. Nomadic
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    Questions for Paul Levy:

    You speak of individuals coming together in illumination to affect change, and that the role of the shaman is to internalize the sickness of the patient in order to join with the patient to eradicate the sickness. Is there a shamanic role in the current political situation of the world? In other words, are some individuals taking the sickness into themselves in order to transmute the poison?

    You have said that if we become as one and act in ways that benefit the whole, a divine energy becomes available to us, we become channels for love, wisdom and compassion. How can we use this energy to bring to light the dark sides of ourselves?

    You write that we are going through a collective breakdown and likened it to a shamanic initiation, a "death/rebirth" process. When this happens to individuals, they often change in ways they couldn't have imagined before the breakdown. So my question is; can we at this point even get an idea of who we are going to become as a society, or is it just going to be a big surprise?

    Are such things as protests, participation in alternative Internet forums, and posting videos on Youtube all ways of facing the darkness, and by doing so bringing it out into the open to be dealt with by greater society?

    You have said that we can begin to awaken by noticing synchronicities. Are there other techniques or viewpoints that have helped people to awaken to the dream and begin to change it?

    How can people integrate a spiritual awakening into their everyday world if those around them don't understand what is going on?

    What are some ways you've learned to gain psychic immunity and protection?

  3. ChipperDogg
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    ChipperDogg itinerant terran

    interstitial toroid-space
    these questions came up as i listened to an interview paul levy had with henrik palmgren. if the form they are asked in is too confusing i will (try to) ask them in a different format.
    paul levy questions #1, #2, #3

    are there levels of knowing this ego we have
    where that former of I has been taught not to grab
    and it stands on its feet and it works hand in hand
    as a conscious informing this life which is grand?

    can we know when that moment rears into relief
    from a background that's harbor'd sometimes in belief
    are there triggers that pull when hill'd pushing will breach
    to encompass wide fuller communal outreach?

    is the only way out to head in and straight through
    the dungheaps controllers must like to just spew
    to happen with this one then that one then more than a few
    join'd in conscious communion felt commonly too?


    paul levy question #4

    where is the psyche's boundary'd edge
    form'd of vibrations by which we are led
    to feel deep in a heart this body has pledged
    to beat from this Consciousness by which it's fed
    is it in non-local field-games of energy sped
    in activity bringing these songs to this head
    as these silly sung words that these fingers give cred?


    framing a containerless shamanic question #5

    evil's metabolites holding a meet
    blocking the folks off chicago's streets
    to pat themselves harder on their owning back
    as greed's plotting to gather up more of the slack
    that we give away when we don't see our own heart
    in vehement fear play'd out in complicit part

    how do groups function with multiple leads
    that pulse in the frequencies each of us bleed
    from back of our selves we don't face right up front
    to end up in rage at some pitch that we bunt*
    as we dust off our knees as if we were clean
    in a justified movement of hard-coded dream

    *(self-censored ; )

    tara mara cara mia: levy'd interrogatory in A flat

    which came first, field or the feeler
    and where's the distinction of that onion's peel
    do vibrations of source point explode as a healing
    when non-local field brings a mind past its ceiling

    do we wear out the welcome that life fully gives
    when we take so dam'd serious what flow freely lives
    and we brandish as hatred fear's tight sharpen'd shiv
    that calls out as an other from a shadow unlived

    can we see past the terminus where we load crates
    that are bonded between us in various states
    does that box sit so heavy assigned by some fate
    that motion's will rolls out whenever we mate

    at the warbling edge of a conscious control
    can we not touch center where waves tend to roll
    til the mirror is shatter'd on taking its toll
    when we feel very closely what is that I holds


  4. Uranus Rising
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    Uranus Rising Crone

    Here, for the moment
    chipperdogg, as much as i & many of us here love & appreciate your poetry
    some of us are a bit thick-headed (like me) and may need time to find our way through them to grasp what you are saying.
    so for the sake of being able to understand what you are asking in a free-flowing on the spot conversation, for Levy, the RT & the listening audience, it is probably best if you can put them in the usual format.

    hope you understand :)
    thanks, susan

  5. ChipperDogg
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    ChipperDogg itinerant terran

    interstitial toroid-space
    ok. here is an attempt to unroll the 'frequencies heard' earlier, in other words:

    Paul, what role does the artist have in helping to portray, expose, cleanse and heal, in however stark or accommodating fashion and in honor of their 'muse', the fluidity that may be at the boundary between our inner and the outer manifestation of the 'wetiko epidemic'?

    how can one tell if one is caught in the throes of the 'wetiko's' non-localized shapeshifting control, and determine whether the compassion one feels and extends towards others is genuine and not part of that shape-shifting costuming the wetiko seems to be fond of putting on.
    does it require being in a group of 'more healthy' individuals that may have enough shared, genuine compassion that they can help such a one become more aware and stronger? is it solely up to the affected individual to come to their senses before they are 'acceptable neighbors', so to speak?

    does greater awareness of what you term the 'Wetiko epidemic' indicate to you that possibly more people are "awakening to the dream" as you use that phrase? are their any methods you might recommend that individually and in groups can bring even greater awareness and help to ameliorate the (boundary) condition that seems to produce and feed the wetiko virus?

  6. sofya smith

    sofya smith Guest

    Hi Paul,

    I'm finishing a followup book to one that came out last year called who we are and why we might want to be someone else. hohm press. both books are how to manuels when it comes to the ways and the means of slipping the surly bounds of what the sufis call the nafsu or forces that are less than human. imagine my elation when i came upon your latest book. i immediately set to work creating a kind of call and respose chapter provisionally titled love in the time of vampires .with quotes from your book and resonate commentaries based on my experience and understanding so far. given that my teacher always said, for every problem there is a solution, its obvious to me that there is one. a reference point i have is when jesus said you may cast out demons in my name. let me hasten to add that any Name of God or of one of His beloved sons will do. it's also said in the vedas that at the time of the kali yuga normal spiritual practice won't cut it and the repitition of God's Name is the antidote when it comes to separating from the influence of these nefarious posers.

    I've concluded that it's important to break faith with our minds given that Don Juan told us that the predator has given us its mind and that it's ideal to forestall a full scale descent into a toxic emotional takeover by applying this remedy to each of the wayward thoughts that are sent to us by these forces. This is a great thing to do since states of terror and fury make our energy highly digestible and result in a draining and bloodletting of the life force that we need to wake up and Remember.

    It seems pretty clear to me that the modus operandi of this game is to send us an unkind thought about another person in order to drive us into a reproductive and contaminating frenzy of lower emotion. I also think that surveying the state of our world is a handy mirror or yardstick when it comes to the condition that our condition is in and the state of our own consciousness but this could distract us from the information contained in the Pogo comic strip where Pogo says "I's seen the enemy and it is me." I've found that it's a really good idea to make hay while the sun shines and set up the repetition of one of God's Names during the innocuous dishwashing moments of our lives so that this antidoe may take root in us and be available to us in a moment when these forces decide to play hardball with us. If you'd like, I could send you the first draft of the chapter based on your work as well as a piece called Soul Wars that concludes with the idea that these forces are providing us with a magnificent opportunity to realize that choosing love is our best option. Thank you so much for your hard won work. Also, before I was inadvertantly thrown headlong into the work of addressing this topic of topics I was an artist and I think you would like the information on our website, It makes a strong case for creativity being the antidote to the forces of destruction and anhilation. Contact information is available on our website. I'd like to set up a time to speak with you.

    Best regards,

    Sofya Smith

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