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Posted: John Lamb Lash ~ Time Monk Radio Presents: April 13th, 2012

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    *Rescheduled for May 11th*
    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    John Lamb Lash
    Friday April 13th, 2012
    8pm EDT/12am UTC

    G A I A S P O R A​
    A diaspora is the scattering of a people across the world due to natural and human-caused​
    catastrophes. The surviving remnant of any group defined by race, religion, culture, or​
    language, whose existence has been threatened by genocide, invasion, or disinheritence,​
    seeks to migrate and survive, and to establish a new way of life. In The Alternative History
    of the Grail I show that the "noble company of the Graal" were the diaspora of the Pagan​
    Mysteries that had been eradicated with the rise of Christianity. They were the remnant of​
    surviving mystics who preserved the encounter with the Organic Light, the primary​
    substance body of the earth.​
    The Gaiaspora are the adepts of Mysteries yet to come who go into the future in correction​
    with the Aeon Sophia after March 2011. They are the navigational crew who sail the​
    mother ship toward the true destination of humanity. Coming from all races, religions,​
    languages, and cultures, they defy the past and defeat the tyrannical lies of history by​
    entering a visionary adventure in real time. The Captain's Log plots this journey, recording​
    how Gaia recovers her direction and impacts the human species with the immediate,​
    spontaneous animation of her divine intention, her designs and purposes.​
    - The Maine Terton Midsummer 2011​

    We invite you to submit your questions to John Lash​
    We might not be able to ask them all but we will do our best to get as​
    many of them incorporated as possible.​
    Please submit your questions by Sunday April 1st (no joke)
    TMRN Interviews Present:
    John Lash
    The Mighty Time Monk Radio Arts Players
    RoundTable Members:
    andromeda, ChipperDogg, Greenmeadow and Uranus Rising
    Kevin MacLeod
    Technical Director:
    Associate Producers:
    GreenMeadow ~ Lennie ~ Gemini ~ Uranus Rising ~ Chipperdogg
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  2. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    This Interview has been recorded and is currently in its edit phase.

    However, JLL has requested it be 'canned'.

    While we evaluate this request, this Interview will be moved to the 'Postponed' category.

    Please stay tuned for updates.

  3. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    We have rescheduled this interview for this coming Friday, May 11th @ 8pm.

  4. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    From John Lash

  5. Uranus Rising
    • Production Team

    Uranus Rising Crone

    Here, for the moment

  6. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    The Time Monk Radio Response

    First of all I should state that we do not exist to create contention. However, should you come to the mat with us and choose that course, we will defend our honor. We did nothing wrong and to have John subsequently attack us via emails was totally uncalled for.

    John was given the questions 4 days prior to the interview, with the caveat that if he had had any concerns at all to let me know and we would address them. John responded that he would like three of the questions removed, no problem they were removed. This lets us know that John did indeed read the questions prior to the interview and that he was aware of the subject matter contained within them.

    The 'flavor' of this interview was to give John an opportunity to explain just where he is currently going with the sophianic myth. There are many questions about things he has recently said and this was a golden opportunity for John to explain to those disaffected, just what his thinking is and where he is going with it all. We approached this interview no different than any other one we have done (well, let me take that back to a certain extent. The production team spent an ungodly amount of time on the planning and crafting of the questions being put into the plan, more so than has ever done before, I believe. They drafted the questions to remain respectful of John, yet seek out the answers to tough questions).

    John was given complete respect and a space to answer the questions to the degree he thought they should be, as you will hear. There were several questions John chose not to answer and prompted one time as to what the actual question was, John chose to deflect. Out of respect, we omitted the next scripted question because that was along the same lines as the most previous one. John conducted the interview in a willing participatory tone. So when John stated in a subsequent email that he was going to be ruthless with us, I consider that to be a non-starter because the facts say differently. John conducted the interview in a congenial manner to which implies consent and he did read the questions afforded him prior to the interview as evidenced by his rejection of three of the questions.

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