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Posted: Dr. Kirby Surprise ~ Time Monk Radio Presents: ~ May 25th, 2012

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, May 8, 2012.

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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    Dr. Kirby Surprise
    Friday May 25th, 2012
    8pm EDT/12am UTC

    The experience of meaningful coincidences is universal. They are reported by people of every culture, every belief system, and time period. Traditionally these synchronistic events are made acceptable by ascribing them to outside supernatural forces such as divinities, or more modernly, impersonal archetypal influences.
    Synchronicity examines the actual empirical evidence for the human influence on the meaningfulness of events and the way the computational model of the mind predicts how we perceive meaning. It demonstrates to the reader that these events, based on the activity of the mind, are caused by the person who perceives them, and reflect many levels of their consciousness.
    Synchronicity shows the reader that these events are mirrors of their mind, actually manifesting in the events around them, often reflecting unconscious processes. It explains in concrete terms how what we believe and the way we look for patterns in the world generates synchronistic events that mirror our own assumptions. Written by a licensed psychologist who makes his living assessing, diagnosing and treating delusions and thought disorders, Synchronicity illustrates the ways in which we are already influencing the events around us and the meanings we perceive. It demonstrates how to untangle the web of reflected meanings and false assumptions about synchronistic events.
    Yes, Surprise is his real given name. Dr. Kirby Surprise received his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology in 2007 from the Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco and his Masters in advanced psychodynamic and transpersonal studies from John F. Kennedy University. He worked for 14 years as a social worker in impoverished areas before returning to graduate school. Dr. Surprise received his license as a psychologist in 2009, and currently works in an advanced outpatient program for the state of California.
    He is a professional communicator, having given workshops and lectures on his subject, and conducts psycho educational groups on a wide variety of subjects for the state of California. The inspiration for his writing comes from a lifelong interest in psychology, metaphysics, philosophy, history, science, and his work with his clients. His interest in Synchronicity stemmed from experiencing frequent and surprising SE, and needing a working understanding of the phenomena. The model of SE he teaches was a response by SE themselves to his asking “How does synchronicity work?”
    Please submit your questions by Sunday, May 13th
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  2. Uranus Rising
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    Uranus Rising Crone

    Here, for the moment
    Questions for Kirby

    1. You talk about Synchronistic Events as being a product of our minds projected out or affecting the material world. I wonder if it is also the other way around…that the material world, as a manifestation of our collective/universal mind which is not separate from us, projects onto us or affects us as individuals? For instance, the example you use of thinking about the power of the mind to crush a house and then witnessing a house being crushed in front of you. Could all these events conspire together, both your mind & the collective mind or universe, so that you could bring to conscious awareness Synchronistic Events?
    f/u Could there be a ‘dialogue’ so to speak going on, a mutual participation?
    2. Would you explain how Synchronistic Events are driven by emotional & mental contents?
    3. If synchronicity is messy & a mirror into the unconscious, how does one go about understanding those thoughts in an objective or healthy manner rather than using SE’s as confirmation of say, a fantasy or a negative delusional state, that may not be in one’s own best interest? As more people become aware of ‘synchronicity’, it seems like people are beginning to use synchronistic events to support a belief system or like it is objective truth.
    4. At present many people are experiencing increasing chaos, uncertainty, and impossibility in their lives & in the world. This may be in their jobs, families, the overall economic situation, continued world conflicts, and much more. As this increases, everything can feel like an impossible task. You wrote in your book about zen koans which are set as an impossible task to “crash the neural network to catch a cosmic buzz” which you described as a poor way of inducing satori this way on one’s own. Well, I am wondering if because so many are facing these impossible tasks or situations, if this might be sort of like a collective or global koan we are facing. If this is a possibility, what advice would you have if we find ourselves in this situation?
    5. Kirby, would you discuss thoughtforms, how they are created & how they are turned into SE’s?
    a. Why it is important to keep these to ourselves?
    b. As projected outward as SE’s how does this help with meet & engage with aspects of ourselves?
    c. Is it possible to affect events in the outer world? And if so, what could be the benefits as well of dangers of doing so?
    6. In your book, you wrote about a bus route on the SE’s trail & described 5 towns on that route: Clueless, Objective, Subjective, Projective & Understanding. Would you please describe this trail & what each of these ‘town’s mean?
    7. How are SE’s related to telekinesis & clairvoyance?
    8. You have mentioned in your book to be careful of addiction or obsession with SE’s, and reminded us that people are much more important. What other advice do you have to offer those who would like to create SE’s.

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    I walk upon high and step to the edge...
    Great interview! Many thanks to Neo for the great music selections...

  4. Greenmeadow
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    So OR
    Speaking of coincidence. Young man buys Polaroid camera at garage sale. It contains a 30yr old photo of his uncle who died 20 years prior.

    Addison Logan, Kansas Teen, Finds Picture Of Uncle In Polaroid Camera Bought At Garage Sale (PHOTO)

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