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Posted: Wu De ~ Time Monk Radio Network Present: Thursday March 22nd, 2012

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    Wu De
    w/Suzanne Toro
    Thursday March 22nd, 2012
    8pm EDT/12am UTC
    Join Suzanne Toro and Wu De, Tea Master from Miao Li, Taiwan. Wu De shares​
    his wisdom from Tea Sage Hut the School of Tea and Tao...Promoting,​
    cultivating and expressing an awakening of harmony through tea. Come​
    explore as he shares the 8 Bowls of Tea, the Four Pillars, Book: Way of​
    Tea, and the Global Tea Hut.​
    *Wu De:*​
    Tea Sage Hut​
    Global Tea Hut​
    {Monthly Tea Program}​
    North America (West Coast) Tea Sittings...Temple TEA​
    Book: The Way of Tea​
    *Music by:*​
    Enavie Earth Prayer​
    *Connect with 'She' at *​
    Suzanne Toro​
    Bare Naked Bliss​
    Meditations-Audio Book​
    BareNakeBliss e-book​
    Loving From WITHIN​

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