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Posted: Troy Maclachlan ~ Time Monk Radio Presents: March 16th 2012

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    Troy MacLachlan
    Friday March 16th, 2012
    8pm EDT/12am UTC
    Troy MacLachlan will join us for another installment of,​
    The Time Monk Radio Network Interviews.​
    Master of Ceremonies will be Jules​
    The Round Table Discussion format will be employed.​
    Troy MacLachlan
    A British national brought up in New Zealand, Troy McLachlan earned a bachelor’s degree in Asian​
    and American politics before embarking on an advertising and television/film industry career in​
    both New Zealand and later in Hong Kong where he was a resident for fifteen years.​
    Although fascinated by the cosmology of the Electric Universe, Troy recognised that a discussion of​
    the model’s implications and their effects on the practises of prevailing occult belief systems was​
    largely missing. Troy has focused on the god Saturn who plays an important role in some of the world’s​
    more deviant esoteric traditions, and therefor wrote the website and kindle-book ‘The Saturn Death Cult’
    as an attempt to forge a link between the implications of ‘Saturn Theory’ and its detrimental effect​
    on the beliefs of certain Saturnian-based occult groups and agendas.​
    The Saturn Death Cultis an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth​
    and destruction of a fabled Golden Age. It attempts to trace how, following the demise of this​
    Golden Age, mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through​
    the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals. This is linked to the​
    ancient practice of money lending and the consequences of this practice for today's international​
    financial crisis. The conclusion is reached that there is a disturbing occult connection to the planet​
    Saturn and its influence over a perceived worldwide collective march towards fulfilling a​
    terrifying elitist agenda of 'justifiable' global genocide.​
    "The Saturn Death Cult" discusses the existence of a worldwide malevolent occult culture that is​
    fundamentally flawed to its core by an erroneous understanding of the ritualistic and mythological​
    traditions surrounding the planet and god Saturn. Troys conclusion is that certain Saturnian-based​
    occult groups and secret societies with their trans-humanistic agendas are fraudulent, yet​
    dangerous nonsense - a set of rogue belief systems completely devoid of all legitimacy in​
    their claims and ambitions to seek influence over the affairs of mankind.​
    Please submit your questions by
    Sunday, March 4th

    TMRN Interviews Present:​
    Troy McLachlin
    The Mighty Time Monk Radio Arts Players​
    RoundTable Members:​
    ChipperDogg ~ neil ~ Patrick ~ Uranus Rising
    Kevin MacLeod
    Technical Director:​
    Associate Producers:​
    GreenMeadow ~ Lennie ~ Gemini ~ Uranus Rising
    Executive Producer:​

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  2. Backenstein

    Backenstein New Member

    Thanks for doing the interview! Seems this one was moderately tough to do. I listened to it 3x and still don't have it all down. It wasn't exactly what I thought it was, either, not really surprisingly. Troy really has put a whole lot into this research. I am impressed by how he maintains many possible theories, testing all of them simultaneously, for many things. He is obviously a fellow paradigm surfer! Congrats!

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