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Melodi Grundy ~ Time Monk Radio Network Presents ~ December 3rd, 2011

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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    Melodi Grundy
    Saturday Dec 3, 2011 @ 5 PM EST
    Disastercat Melodi.jpg
    Our very own Disastercat,​
    who many of us know through her generous sharing of her​
    Card of the Day readings,​
    has agreed to to be interviewed by Time Monk Radio Network roundtable​
    You can find out more about what she does at her website​

    Hi, I’m Melodi, a Psychic based in Tullamore, County Offaly (Ireland)​
    I am an intuitive card-reader and rune-reader with over twenty years’ experience. I am also an empath and intuitive psychic with many years’ experience of dream interpretation. I often receive “flashes” of my clients’ past lives as they affect this life, and am able to aid in interpreting messages from their spirit-guides.​
    Using the cards, I can advise you regarding your love-life, your finances, your career and life-goals, your family life, and even your pets (I am particularly good at reading for cats and their human friends). Together, we can examine the influences and circumstances affecting your life and goals, and work to find the best path to your future.​
    I am also trained and certified by the Fellowship of the Spiral Path (Berkeley, California) to aid others in seeking out their personal spiritual path by means of cards, psychic questioning, and guided meditations.​
    She will also be on One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone on Tues Nov 8 @ 9Am CST​

    Deadline for Questions is Sunday Nov 27

    TMRN Interviews Present:
    Melodi Grundy
    The Mighty Time Monk Radio Arts Players
    RoundTable Members:
    Easy ~ Lua in Colorado ~ Plane ~ Uranus Rising
    Audio Recording and Editing:
    Kevin MacLeod
    Technical Director:
    Associate Producers:
    GreenMeadow ~ Lennie ~ Peace4Gaia ~ Uranus Rising
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