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About Us

~ About Us ~

We are your Open Source Woo Woo

This is the Wu~Jo

This is the Wu~Jo, Welcome. Be prepared to go to the mat with us. We do not shy away from difficult subjects, but rather,
embrace them. We firmly believe that in order to gain a better understanding of the reality that surrounds us all, one must have
the ability to gain different points of perspective in order to make those educated decisions. We invite you to help us in our
search, thereby helping others. Do not believe anything we present here, do your own homework. Make your own decisions, do not
be led blindly. Following the herd often ultimately leads to the slaughter house.

You are cordially invited to participate in an outside the box radio program exploring our new reality. You choose the speakers
and you choose the questions. This is investigative journalism re-created: in-depth, open-minded questions, covering secret
history, predictions, philosophy, astrophysics, economics, preparedness, climate change, and a lot more.
Move beyond the sound bite. Arm yourself with knowledge and awareness and create new possibilities for yourself. Join us in the
search for the good questions and the in depth answers.

Time Monk Radio was formed by a loosely knit group of people from around the world, with a desire to get important information
that is not readily available, out to as many people as possible. Our strength lies in the fact that we are diverse in our education
and backgrounds. Our subject matter would not be considered 'Main Stream' thus it is not controlled by the Entrenched Powers.
We are a strictly volunteer effort, as such we receive nothing of a fiat based compensation. We have certain measures in place to
try and help us pay for bandwidth and production costs. Most certainly we are not getting rich from any of this by any stretch of
the imagination. Rather we are enriched by the information exchanged and the interactions we are involved with. We will never
charge anyone to listen to our interviews, that would go directly against our stated objective of getting the word out to as many
people as possible.

We are not involved with any corporation, secret fraternity, religious group nor private entity. We believe in freedom of speech, for all.

~ Our Mission ~
To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good of humanity.

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